Aimpoint® 9000SC-NV 2 MOA (Night Vision Compatible)

Aimpoint® 9000SC-NV 2 MOA (Night Vision Compatible)

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The Aimpoint® 9000SC-NV is a medium-length sight primarily designed for use with shorter action rifles, semi-automatic firearms and magnum handguns.

This product is compatible with night vision devices and is sold to countries where hunting with night vision devices is allowed. Available in 2 MOA dot, the 9000SC-NV will amaze you with its versatility. The ten position rotary intensity switch provides the perfect level of brightness for any situation from use with night vision devices to bright sunlight.

The first 4 intensity settings are for use with a night vision device, this means that the dot is not visible with a naked eye. From intensity setting 5, the dot starts to be visible in poor light conditions. The last setting, position 9, is an extra bright setting which allows you to use your sight in very bright sunlight - for example on snow.